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SERCEB Award Programs

SERCEB administers three award internal programs aimed to bring new investigators into SERCEB and to foster interdisciplinary collaborations. Applications for these awards are solicited, reviewed and selected for funding by the SERCEB Steering Committee. These programs include the following:

Developmental Projects Program

SERCEB encourages novel and innovative research through the Developmental Projects program. This internally administered grant program offers investigators across the Southeast up to 2 years of funding for pilot projects that may lead to new discoveries in emerging infectious diseases and biodefense (EID/BD). This program is designed to expand our research community and promote a robust research pipeline. RFAs for Development Projects are issued every two years.

2013 Developmental Projects awardees are:

Mariano Garcia-Blanco, MD, PhD
Duke University
Project: Development of a mouse model for viscerotropic yellow fever

Rebecca Dutch, PhD
University of Kentucky
Project: Transmembrane domain interactions in pathogenic viruses

Chelsea Smartt, PhD
Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory
Project: Transcriptomics of differential vector competence: WNV in two Culex populations

Terry Dermody, MD
Vanderbilt University
Project: Mechanisms of Chikungunya virus binding and entry


2013 Career Development Awards

Career Development Awards (CDAs) are intended to bring new investigators into the field of emerging infectious diseases and biodefense (EID/BD) by offering up to 2 years of significant salary support for a mentored project in EID/BD. These awards also provide support for training in biosafety and security, dual-use issues and research ethics. CDA recipients are guided in their research by an Advisory Committee made up of their primary mentor, a member of the SERCEB Steering Committee, and one other faculty expert in EID.

SERCEB’s current CDA investigators are

Rita Tamayo, PhD
University of North Carolina
Project: The roles of second messengers in regulating virulence of Clostridium difficile

Jorn Coers, PhD
Duke University
Project: Dissecting innate immune pathways mediated by IFN-gamma-inducible GBP proteins


William Messer, MD, PhD
Oregon Health Sciences University
Project: Genetic determinants of DENV infection of the mosquito vector Aedes aegypti