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SERCEB Research Programs

SERCEB research is aimed to discover new therapies and principles by which effective vaccines and other intervention measures can be developed for diseases and pathogens that threaten the health of our citizens. Our parent research programs are as follows.

Emerging infections: Principles of emergence

Platforms for synthesis and testing of emerging zoonotic viruses
Mark Denison, Vanderbilt University
Ralph Baric, University of North Carolina

Alphavirus Pathogenesis and Vaccines

Pathogenesis of Chikungunya virus
Mark Heise, University of North Carolina


Antibody in protective and pathogenic immunity to Dengue type 3
Aravinda de Silva and Ralph Baric, University of North Carolina

T cell response to Dengue virus serotype 3 in mice and human
Sujan Shresta, LaJolla Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

Plague: Modern strategies for an ancient disease

Yersinia autotransporters (Yaps): Structure, function and host response to Plague
Virginia Miller and Matt Redinbo, University of North Carolina

Controlling the progression of Pneumonic Plague
William Goldman, University of North Carolina

F tularensis host (lung) immune responses, genetics of virulence

Route of Infection Shapes Immune Responses to Francisella
Jeff Frelinger, University of Arizona

Tom Kawula, University of North Carolina

Molecular characterization of F. tularensis SchuS4 virulence factors
David Weiss, Emory University
James Bina and Mark Miller, University of Tennessee at Memphis

Innate immune responses against priority pathogens

Novel roles of the NLR protein in host response against WNV and DENV
Jenny Ting, University of North Carolina

Regulation of antibody responses by toll-like receptors

Bali Pulendran, Emory University

TLR7 and responses to flaviviruses
Frank Scholle, North Carolina State University

Adaptive Immunity: Focus on B cell immunology

Genetic and structural determinants of neutralization by naturally-occurring human monoclonal antibodies to dengue virus
James Crowe, Vanderbilt University

Regulatory B cell inhibition of immune responses to pathogens
Thomas Tedder, Duke University

Drug Discovery

Fusion inhibitors of H5N1 influenza
Ming Luo, University of Alabama at Birmingham