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Core Services

SERCEB cores provide scientific and developmental services and technologies in support of SERCEB projects and were created to serve the specific needs of our overall mission in host-pathogen interactions and interventions. Core services are available to all SERCEB investigators and transcend institutional borders.

Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies Core

Core leader: Mary Ann Accavitti-Loper

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Aerobiology and Animal Models Core

Core leader: Richard Frothingham

Duke University

BSL-3 Flow, Biomarker and Imaging Core (FBI)

Core leader: Greg Sempowski

Duke University

Nucleic Acids Programmable Protein Array Core (NAPPA)

(Funding for this core ended March 1, 2011)

Policy, Ethics and Law Core (PEL)

(Funding for this core ended March 1, 2010)