Biological Emergency Preparedness and Response Program (BEPRP)

Chris Woods

Duke University

This program facilitates participation in the many existing educational opportunities that public health and existing preparedness centers offer, and maintains a system of Continued Preparedness Education (CPE). The BEPRP fosters existing and new relationships with public health as well as academic and private clinical entities.

The BEPRP resides in the administrative core of SERCEB, but achieves full efficacy by engaging the regional public health infrastructure through the existing Southeastern Center for Emerging Biological Threats (SECEBT).

Recent Activities
The SERCEB BEPRP co-hosted with SECEPT the conference "Southeast Regional Perspective on One Health" on January 30-31, 2012. A summary of this conference will be published in the on-line version of Emerging Infectious Diseases. Slides from speakers at this conference are available here:

Lisa Conti, DVM, MPH